Walking Equipment

Very often people ask me about certain walking equipment I use so I have listed a few of these items below with links so you can click and go straight to the the product to have a look and buy if you like. At the bottom I have also listed a few items not directly linked with walking but which either enhance the outdoor experience or which might help you make more time available for walking and other outdoor pursuits.

I only list items which I have bought myself and feel really add value for me and I have NOT received any of the items for free in return for my endorsement.

Products directly associated with walking

These little tables are amazing. I have to say I have not used them yet however I have seen them in action and they would be great for your bag if you need to travel light. Just add a little water and you've got a damp cloth to freshen up or clean yourself in a tricky situation.

I've been on plenty of walks and the heavens have opened and got soaked through because I had forgotten to give my Goretex jacket a wash with this amazing stuff.

A mat to sit on while you take a rest during your walk is just great. It's light and folds up nicely to put in your rucksack and unfolds to fit most bums. I've listed a few options here because they're a great choice for a little stocking filler for a friend or family member.

These poles have been a godsend when trying to navigate those tricky rather steep downhill sections. Miss your step and you could really come a cropper so these poles give me some extra confidence just when I need it.

I have bought several pairs of these boots and they have not failed to deliver. They are so comfortable and I managed to complete my 100 mile continuous walk back in May 2023 with them.

If you're looking for a nice bright torch for your night hikes you won't go wrong with this one. It has joined me on many a night hike and so many people ask me where I got it from.

I would nnot be without these little beauties. For the longer walks blisters are something you sometimes simply cannot avoid so as soon as you start to feel a hotspot you slap one of these on and you're good to go before the blister appears.

I am not a lover of water and fellow walkers have to remind me to drink while on a long walk. One of my walking buddies one day told me to try these isotonic drinks so I tried it and not only did it give me the nutrients I needed to keep my levels up but I found myself wanting to drink more because of the lovely flavour.

This is the perfect sized bag for the longer walks as it provides the perfect capacity for those additional items I find I need to carry.

This power bank is invaluable for the longer walks where the normal battery life of a smart phone (especially running a GPS walking app) simply doesn't last long enough.

Its great to take your music on a walk with you and this portable bluetooth speaker is perfect as it is light and yet pumps out a decent volume for its compact size.

This is a great little survival bag I take on all my longer walks. It just gives me that additional peace of mind that if I do get caught out in bad weather or I pick up an injury I can at least keep warm until help arrives or I feel able to continue with my walk.

Other products not directly associated with walking

I bought this paddleboard after trying to find a good deal and yet get a quality board. I have used it a couple of times on the river and it is great. It is the perfect width and feels good quality and at a really good price as a starter board.

I've recently got into paddle-boarding and someone in our walking group with lots of experience of paddle-boarding asked me if I use a waist belt when I'm paddling down the river. I was not really sure what they meant but they went on to explain that the ankle leash that comes with the board could be very difficult to release if I got tangled up somehow with a tree under the water or something similar. The quick release waist belt connects to the provided ankle leash and in the event of falling off the board and getting tangled I would be able to release myself from the board and swim to safety much easier in comparison. Click here for a demonstration of the correct use of SUP quick release leashes & waist belts from the Water Skills Academy (WSA).